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Our company is working in in-vivo implants and joint prostheses, customized anatomic models, surgical guides and medical models.

We design and manufacture implants, surgical guides and prostheses full compatible with the patients' anatomies in order to save the organs inside the human body, which cannot perform its functions are lost or are too damaged to be repaired for various reasons (cancer, injuries from accidents, failure of the organ to develop)

We make special designs, examining the moving or fixed systems in various places of the human body (knees, vertebrae, joints, skull, ...) and keeping in mind the inherent biomechanical features.

For these, we utilize Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MT) images that are taken in 3 dimensions at high resolution and accuracy.




It is to develop and manufacture implants and prostheses, which are capable of performing natural movements in the best way and fully compatible with their anatomies so that the patients whose organs have lost their natural functions to rapidly recover their health. ​

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To become the best company manufacturing customized in-vivo implants and prostheses in Turkey within the next 5 years and to implement studies with the Turkish doctors and engineers so as to reduce the country's foreign dependency regarding this issue.